‘Transformers’: Michael Bay Reveals Bumblebee’s New Look for ‘The Last Knight’

     June 5, 2016

Recently, Michael Bay revealed the villain of the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight and his new look, and we learned that none other than Sir Anthony Hopkins, lord forgive him, is joining the Transformers universe (a phrase I still have trouble wanting to acknowledge, but I don’t begrudge him the cash he’s about to make). The franchise will also feature none other than Britain’s Loneliest Dog, so things are honestly just getting stranger by the day.

However, one thing that isn’t coming as a huge surprise is a new look for Bumblebee, who already got a major change from his original VW Beetle form into a Chevy Camaro in the franchise. And now, as Transformers 5 starts its production, Bay is revealing even more updated look on Twitter, in the form of a custom built 2016 Chevy Camaro. Check it out below:

Of course it’s worth noting that that’s not actually the Twitter handle for General Motors, which is @GM … I’m sure the PR people had a word with him about it (the account he tagged is just a dormant account GM surely took over just to have back in 2009). Thank the right handle for your product placement, Bay!

For anyone who thought Bumblebee might turn (back) into a Volkswagen, well, that would just be un-American in Bay’s world, so get your mind right. The new car has an even sleeker and more rounded design than previous incarnations, which could have an effect on Bumblebee the robot’s design as well. Time will tell!

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