Michael Bay Talks TRANSFORMERS AGE OF EXTINCTION, Expanding the Universe, Why He Doesn’t Use a 2nd Unit Director, TRANSFORMERS 5, and More

     June 25, 2014


I love talking to Michael Bay because he always says what he thinks and doesn’t hide behind media-trained answers.   While many vilify him no matter what he does, Bay has an original style and eye for framing that I think is unique and cool.  In addition, no matter what he’s done previously, he always manages to push the boundaries of technology and special effects to another level, like his latest movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction.  Loaded with almost non-stop action, a great new villain (Lockdown), Dinobots, and an ass-kicking Mark Wahlberg, Transformers 4 really is the beginning of a new chapter in the Transformers universe.  Also, Bay has peppered in a lot of interesting questions about the history of the Transformers and I’d imagine the next sequel (or sequels) will unravel the mysteries.  While Bay could have just done another Autobot vs Decepticon story and most fans would have been satisfied, I’m glad he pushed the franchise forward with new characters and questions.  I look forward to where it goes from here.

The other day, I landed a great video interview with Michael Bay the day after the world premiere in Hong Kong.  He talked about expanding the universe, the challenge of making a Transformers movie, what new film technology has excited him, using the Phantom camera on a cool action scene, why he doesn’t use a 2nd unit director, whether he’ll return for Transformers 5 and where the story might go, how he’s always wanted to make a movie about poaching, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

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IMAX_3D_Digital_Camera_4K_Michael_BayBefore getting to the interview, a huge thank you to Michael Bay for giving me so much time at the junket and to everyone at Paramount Pictures for inviting us to cover the junket in Hong Kong.

Michael Bay:

  • Shows off his amazing digital camera.
  • How the film expands the Transformers universe.
  • Says a bit on where Transformers 5 might go.
  • Will he be back for Transformers 5?
  • Talks about the challenge of making a Transformers movie and how it’s everyday for two years.
  • Pain & Gain talk.
  • Talks about how he’s always had “this African elephant idea” for a movie that’s about poaching.
  • What new film technology has he seen that’s he’s excited use on an upcoming project.  Talks about working on a mocap stage.
  • How he doesn’t have a 2nd unit director on his films.
  • Tells a great story about filming an action scene in Transformers: Age of Extinction.

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