Paramount Might Be Planning to Release TRANSFORMERS 5 in 2017

     April 6, 2014


The fourth Transformers movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, isn’t due out until June 27th, but it won’t be the last one in the franchise.  No sequels have officially been announced, but no one at Paramount is going to say, “You know what, guys?  I think the Transformers movies have had a good run here.  Let’s go out on top.  We need to give this franchise the dignity and respect it deserves, let it lay low, and really take the time to develop a good, strong story.”

The studio hasn’t revealed future plans for the series, but we could be seeing the fifth installment in 2017.  According to TFW2005, Hasbro, the company behind the Transformers toys and a partner in the movies, has released promo material with “Q2 2017” alongside a Transformers 5 placeholder logo.  2017 could even be on the late side since there was only a two-year gap between the first three movies (2007, 2009, 2011, respectively).  Why wait three years for more exploding space robots when you could have them in two?  Hit the jump to check out Hasbro’s promo image, which teases a Transformers 5 release date.

Via TFW2005.



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