‘Transformers 5’: Watch Anthony Hopkins Act Opposite the Loneliest Dog in the World

     September 22, 2016


The most exciting piece of casting news for Transformers 5 was not the return of Mark Wahlberg, nor was it the addition of Sir Anthony Hopkins to the ensemble. No, it was the addition of an adorable dog that went viral in the British press as “Britain’s Loneliest Dog.” Freya spent the entirety of her life—six years—in animal shelters, having been passed over by 18,000 people due to the fact that she suffers from epilepsy. While in production on Transformers: The Last Knight in the U.K., director Michael Bay saw the news article and promptly tracked down Freya and gave her a prime role in The Last Knight.

Now a new video shows Freya making her big screen debut opposite none other than Anthony Hopkins, and there’s great news as well—she’s been adopted by one of the crew members! Honestly, I’m no fan of the Transformers movies, but this story warms my heart. Say what you will about Bay, but he went out of his way to give this dog a life worth living. Watch the video below to see Freya in action and meet her new owner. If you feel nothing, consider your life choices.

Transformers: The Last Knight also stars Josh Duhamel and Jerrod Carmichael and opens in theaters on June 23, 2017.


Image via Paramount

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