‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Viral Teaser Has a Message for You

     May 28, 2016


It appears that the marketing for the new Transformers movie is up and running, even though the film’s release is still over a year away. Last week, Paramount Pictures unveiled the official title for Transformers 5, dubbed Transformers: The Last Knight, and that news was quickly followed by word that Josh Duhamel would be returning to the series after sitting the last installment, Age of Extinction, out. Now, just days after director Michael Bay got production underway in Cuba, a cryptic viral teaser has landed online that reveals…something.

The tweet carries the text “Something wicked this way comes” while a message plays out in Morse code on the video, atop some redacted documents from the U.S. State Department. According to ScreenRant, the Morse translates to, “E I’m coming for you May 31,” so expect something Transformers related to drop next Tuesday.


Image via Paramount Pictures

It’s far too early for a trailer with actual footage given that filming hasn’t been underway for very long, but I suppose if Paramount really wanted to get a jump on things they could’ve cobbled together a teaser of some sort. Plot details for The Last Knight are unknown but Mark Wahlberg reprises his role of inventor Cade Yaegar (“Mark Wahlberg as inventor Cade Yaegar” is now a major film franchise character, in case you forgot) in this sequel, which marks Bay’s fifth time behind the camera on a Transformers movie.

Bay promises that this is his last time behind the camera on the franchise, but Paramount is deep in development on an interconnected universe of Transformers movies, including a Bumblebee spinoff, so if you thought we were near the end of the series’ lifespan, you were sorely mistaken.

Check out the viral teaser below, and sound off if you spot anything else that may provide a clue as to what we’re in store for. Transformers: The Last Knight opens in theaters on June 23, 2017.


Image via Paramount


Image via Paramount Pictures

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