Watch Us Interview ‘The Transporter Refueled’s Ed Skrien in a High-Speed Car

     September 3, 2015


Within an hour after conducting this interview with newly minted Transporter star Ed Skrein, I got into a car accident of my own. That this interview is conducted in a high-speed car and mostly consists of myself asking Skrein for driving tips makes the whole thing oddly foreboding, if not terribly ironic.

Skrein, the British rap-star turned thespian, takes over for Jason Statham in the quasi-reboot/sequel The Transporter Refueled. It’s more or less the same plot as the other three films – in that I have absolutely no idea what the plot is, but there’s a good amount of practical car stunts and fun macho posturing to fill in the gaps. Skrein makes for a compelling lead, ably stepping in for Statham and scowling his way through all the vehicular mayhem. I’m not sure if my car accident is proof I watch these Transporter films a bit too closely or not well enough. Regardless I should have asked Skrein how the Transporter car even runs after all the damage he inflicts upon it. On second thought – I probably watch these films too closely…

In the following interview with Skrein, he discusses his favorite racing film (not at all what you would think), road rage and the intricacies of French cursing.

Ed Skrein:

  • What’s the highest speed Skrein’s ever reached on the road?
  • Who’s worse people who run stop signs or people who run red lights?
  • What does Skrein think of people who honk during deadlock traffic?
  • Has Skrein ever had road rage?
  • Who has the crazier drivers – U.S. or France?
  • What to do when stopped by the police?
  • How would Skrein outrun the police?
  • What’s Skrein’s favorite racing film?
  • What driving skills did Skrein learn for The Transporter: Refueled?


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