‘Treadstone’ Teaser Trailer Takes You Further into the World of Jason Bourne

     August 9, 2019


USA has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming “event series” Treadstone. The show is based on the Bourne movies and teases out the Treadstone organization that created Jason Bourne. On the show, it turns out Bourne wasn’t the only Treadstone sleeper agent, and now various agents are awakening with their newfound set of deadly abilities.

Here’s the thing: does anyone even really care about the Bourne universe anymore? We had The Bourne Legacy, which kind of had a similar premise to Treadstone, and that movie was 90% just people saying the word “Chems”. No one really cared about Jeremy Renner as a special agent in the vein of Jason Bourne. And then they managed to get both Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass back for Jason Bourne, and it was pretty bad! It turned out the story was pretty well wrapped up, and when they tried to extend it, you could see that the series was running on fumes and didn’t need more installments. Into all of this you now have Treadstone, and it’s not like Matt Damon is going to show up and make a cameo. So it’s basically just “Sleeper Spies”, and I’m not sure that’s enough for a show.

That being said, IP is obviously everything to studios and networks, so maybe enough Bourne fans will tune in or DVR or stream it or watch it in some fashion. Also, USA has no problem letting spy shows go on forever (Burn Notice got seven seasons and a TV movie!), so maybe its success is already assured.

Check out the Treadstone teaser below. The series was created by Tim Kring (Heroes) and stars Jeremy Irvine, Brian J. Smith, Omar Metwally, Tracy Igeachor, Han Hyo-joo, Michael Gaston, and Michelle Forbes. Treadstone arrives on USA this October.