Tricia Helfer Talks Portraying a Female Texas Ranger, the Ranger Recruitment Process, and More on the Set of KILLER WOMEN

     January 1, 2014


With the help of the real first female Texas Ranger, Marrie Aldridge, Tricia Helfer is bringing her own sassy, ballsy and determined Texas Ranger to TV in ABC’s Killer Women.  Helfer’s Molly Parker recently received her Texas Ranger ranking and gets loads of flack from other male officers in other jurisdictions. However, Molly’s ability to tap into the female psyche and figure out why women kill gives her an edge and particularly when it comes to the first case of the season because the Killer Women pilot opens with a women donning a red dress and ski-high heels walking into a wedding in progress and shooting the wife mid-ceremony.

While on location in Albuquerque, we got the chance to talk to Helfer about Molly’s assets and flaws, the Texas Ranger recruitment process, what makes a good Ranger and more. You can catch it all for yourself in the video interview after the jump.  The Killer Women season premiere will air on ABC on Tuesday, January 7th at 10/9c.

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