Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon Tease an Adventure’s Thrilling End in ‘The Trip to Greece’ Trailer

     April 8, 2020


IFC Films has released the trailer as well as some exciting new images for The Trip to Greece, the last installment in director Michael Bottom‘s The Trip franchise. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon return for the fourth and final time, playing fictionalized versions of themselves as they travel around a new Europeans country.


Image via IFC Films

This time around, Coogan and Brydon are traveling to the gorgeous, history-filled country of Greece (hello, did you read the title?) so they can retrace the steps of maybe the most famous Grecian novel, Homer‘s The Odyssey. The fellas will of course need to stop along the way for food and drink, which means they’ll be dining in some of the most scenic and luxurious restaurants within Greece’s borders.

As teased in the trailer, The Trip to Greece isn’t pulling out any new tricks to entice viewers. Ostensibly, if you’re interested in this, the fourth Trip movie, then you’re already all in on watching lightly improvised banter play out between two longtime friends as they travel and dine their way through a new part of the world. But, that is also what makes The Trip to Greece look so delightful. Who doesn’t want to be whisked away from reality for an hour and 50 minutes so you can watch Coogan and Brydon once again have a Bond villain impression competition as they wait for their appetizers? Why wouldn’t you want to luxuriate in the Grecian scenery as you listen to these chaps read a passage from The Odyssey and then crack wise about it. Honestly, we need The Trip to Greece now more than ever.

The Trip to Greece arrives in theaters, digital, and on demand on Friday, May 22. Check out the trailer below and for more, check out our updated release calendar for 2020 movies and beyond.

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