Netflix’s ‘Trollhunters’ and ‘Stranger Things’ Mash-Up Trailer Is Just Perfect

     January 6, 2017

trollhunters-stranger-things-netflix-trailerNetflix has plenty of original properties it could conceivably promote any which way they choose. Rarely have they cross-pollinated the marketing of their various shows, usually because their highly original series exist best in their own fan-fueled vacuums. However, today’s official mash-up trailer takes two of 2016’s most buzzworthy series and combines them in a blend of shared nostalgia and contemporary memes that is just about perfect.

Stranger Things, the live-action sci-fi drama series centering on a group of friends who discover a super-powered kid in their midst while searching for their lost pal, was a wonderfully original homage to iconic 80s films that also featured the year’s most meme-able opening title sequence. Enter Trollhunters, the exceptional adventurous animated creation from the mind of Guillermo del Toro that also takes inspiration from 80s Amblin Entertainment films, as well as GDT’s wealth of mythology and lore. So what better way to honor both of these fantastic new installments to TV culture than by mashing up the narrative of Trollhunters with the singular title sequence of Stranger Things? It works better than you can even imagine.

Check out the excellent mash-up trailer for Netflix’s Trollhunters below:

A sleepy town. Kids on bikes. A secret world of creatures hidden just out of sight. Sound familiar?

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