TRON 3 Update from TRON: LEGACY Screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis

     March 19, 2012


Before Joseph Kosinski‘s TRON Legacy even opened, Disney was preparing for a sequel in the event that the movie was a smash hit.  Instead, TRON Legacy opened to mixed reviews and middling box office.  It wasn’t a flop, but it wasn’t the success Disney wanted based on the amount of marketing they had poured into it.  However, Legacy reportedly moved enough DVDs and merchandise (where the real money is made) to keep a sequel in the cards.  There’s also the upcoming TRON Uprising animated series, which could influence whether or not the sequel gets a greenlight.  However, all has been quiet on TRON 3 since June 2011 when Disney hired Dave DiGilio to write the script.

TRON Legacy screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have now moved on to run the hit ABC series Once Upon a Time, but they’ve remained co-producers on TRON 3.  Hit the jump for what they had to say about the sequel’s current status.


Here’s the question and answer regarding TRON 3.  We got it during a roundtable interview for Once Upon a Time at WonderCon.

After the experience of working on TRON Legacy, the movie did well and made money, and I hear that the toys and the merchandise also sold very well, but maybe it didn’t quite do well enough to get its own sequel, but it did well enough to get a cartoon series.  Is that frustrating—

ADAM HOROWITZ:  They are working on a sequel.  Eddie and I aren’t writing it because of the show, but we’ve move to being co-producers on it—

EDWARD KITSIS:  Dave DiGilio is currently writing the script, Joseph Kosinski is currently shooting Oblivion, but we’ve had a lot of meetings and conversations, and we’ve seen the first draft of the TRON sequel.  Sometimes movies don’t happen as quickly as you want.  Joe was always going to shoot Oblivion before that, and movies just work slower.  Our goal is to get something going soon.

Personally, I’m indifferent to a sequel.  I’m not in love with either TRON or TRON Legacy but I don’t hate either movie.  I think TRON Legacy has a neat aesthetic and a terrific score, but the story and world are an absolute mess.  As I noted in my review, the world of TRON Legacy is “all form and no function.  There’s no culture or reason to the world.”  I’m not opposed to heading back to the world of TRON, but there needs to be a strong emphasis on story and characters rather than neon and iconography.


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