Disney Pulls the Plug on TRON 3

     May 29, 2015


Disney has pulled the plug on plans for Tron 3, the would-be third installment in the hi-tech adventure sci-fi series. Prep had already begun on the sequel, which was planned to see the return of Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski, as well as stars Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund. It was believed that production would begin this fall in Vancouver. THR broke the news, and does not currently have a reason for the cancellation, but there’s no doubt that Walt Disney Studios is more focused than ever on live-action adaptations of classic animated works and Tron 3 may not have fit in their scheme for the future of the brand. Not to mention the recent box office disappointment of Tomorrowland, a big-budget live action sci-fi film that failed to resonate with audiences.

While there were a number of reports indicating that Tron 3 would indeed make it back on the grid, Disney never officially confirmed the sequel and now we know why. Perhaps it was problems with the script, perhaps it doesn’t mesh with the studio’s plans, or it could be one of many other variables, but Disney did not feel confident enough to move forward with the project.


Walt Disney Pictures

The news does come as a bit of a surprise in light of all the recent stories, the rumored fall start date, and even a possible title, but after such a long delay on the sequel to a film that had a fairly tepid reception from fans and critics it’s not entirely unexpected. Steve recently spoke with Olivia Wilde about the prospect of Tron 3 and while she noted that the film was still unconfirmed, she seemed excited and enthusiastic about the prospect of heading back into that world. She also said that the delay in getting the sequel off the ground was attributed to challenges faced in trying to come up with the right script, saying that the sequel could follow her character Quorra into the real world. Perhaps they never found the right story. Of course, this is all conjecture for now. Mostly I’m just sad we won’t be getting another boss Daft Punk soundtrack.

What do you think? Are you sad to see Tron 3 de-rezzed? Or do you feel like Disney dodged a bullet? Why do you think the film was axed?

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Image via Walt Disney Studios

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