No TRON 3 Teaser Trailer on the TRON: LEGACY Blu-ray/DVD; Plus 5-Disc Combo Cover Art Revealed!

     February 3, 2011

TRON: Legacy Blu-ray slice

Over the past month, we’ve heard a lot of rumors that Disney will be including a Tron 3 teaser trailer on the upcoming Tron: Legacy Blu-ray/DVD.  I’m a huge Tron nerd and would have loved to have seen this come true, but sources have told me that the rumors are false.  There isn’t a teaser trailer, trailer, or mention of a Tron 3 on the Blu-ray/DVD.

However, while we won’t be getting a teaser trailer, fans of Tron have plenty of reasons to be excited for Legacy‘s home video release.  That’s because the same sources have confirmed earlier reports that the Blu-ray is loaded with awesome extras that will expand the story of Tron: Legacy.  Hit the jump for more.  Including the cover art for the 4 and 5 disc combo Blu-rays!

Tron Legacy Four-Disc Combo Blu-ray-The first thing sources tell me is that the DVD might not actually have the some of the extra content due to the limited capacity on the disc.  It’s possible that the best extras will only be on the Blu-ray.  But the home video release is being put together right now, so I’d imagine we’ll know very soon if both editions will have the footage.

And what exactly am I talking about when I say footage?

As AICN originally reported, Disney filmed additional content specifically for the home video release.  From what I was told, the content will be unlike anything that has been done before in terms of bonus footage and it will expand the story of Tron.  As we posted:

— One scene is between Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley, and Dan Shor reprising his role from the original 1982 Tron (credited as “Popcorn co-worker” in the real world, “Ram” in The Grid).  Apparently Shor’s character ran the “Flynn Lives” campaign and is destroying the relevant data and files when Alan finds him.  Shor quips, “Why did Kevin give you the cool name?”  (As you probably know, Alan’s program name is “Tron.”)

— Another scene features Olivia Wilde as Quorra.  She rides up to ENCOM on Sam’s Ducati and causes a stir when she reveals to the swarming press that she spoke to Kevin Flynn… yesterday.

— The third is the simplest — just text on screens — but perhaps the most loaded.  Edward Dillinger (played by Cillian Murphy in Tron: Legacy) and father Ed Dillinger (played by David Warner in the original Tron) enigmatically discuss how everything is coming together as they planned.

My sources told me that some of the additional content will be easy to access, and some of it will be like any typical Easter Egg where you have to find it.

Finally, while many rumors are online about Tron 3 being greenlit and that Disney is moving forward on another sequel, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t true–yet.  Like we said a month ago, the studio is definitely moving forward with Tron : Uprising on Disney XD, and I’m pretty sure the home video sales of Tron: Legacy on both DVD and Blu-ray will influence whether or not the studio makes a 3rd movie.

So if you want more Tron, make sure to purchase a copy.

Now the best news, Amazon has just posted the cover art for the four and five disc combo packs of TRON: Legacy on Blu-ray!  From the cover art we can see that Disney is packaging the original Tron with Legacy and the four and five disc editions comes with a digital copy of the movie.  Here’s the cover art.  I’d imagine Amazon’s listing means we are going to get an official announcement later today or tomorrow.

Tron Legacy Limited Edition Five-Disc Combo Blu-ray 3D

Tron Legacy Four-Disc Combo Blu-ray-


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