TRON Animated TV Show in the works; Also, Expect Disney Theme Parks to Be TRON-ified

     March 2, 2010


Walt Disney’s hotly anticipated sequel/reboot (seboot?) Tron Legacy is set to debut in theaters this December. Naturally, Disney is looking for the film to do some serious box-office business and if it does, according to Blue Sky Disney, we can expect to see a computer animated Tron TV show pop up in late 2011, early 2012 on either ABC or new “boy channel” Disney XD. The series would evidently be designed as a “placeholder,” maintaining fan interest while the second movie in what could be a brand new trilogy is put together. The show’s been given the go-ahead for development but as of now it’s still pretty far in the offing and, really, its future will depend on whether or not Legacy meets the studio’s lofty expectations and demonstrates franchise potential.

BSD also has the scoop on some Tron-themed changes to be implemented at the Disney theme parks. Hit the jump for that. Also, click here to get a look at some new images from Tron Legacy and here to read Steve’s Tron Legacy trailer report.

In the months leading up to Legacy’s December release, parts of Disneyland and Disneyworld will likely start to take on a distinctly Tron-ish aesthetic, as the studio uses the parks to build interest in its approaching blockbuster. According to BSD, in addition to being flooded with Tron merchandise, Tomorrowland could see some attraction tweaks that would see, for instance, the arcade next to Space Mountain being converted into “Flynn’s Arcade” (the protagonist’s hangout in the film); that move is currently being considered by execs.  Moreover, Walt Disney Imagineering is also apparently working on a “Tron experience” that would debut in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland sometime around 2012.

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