TRON: LEGACY Concept Art Released; Recap of Images and Posters in High Resolution

     September 28, 2010

The entire Tron: Legacy universe that director Joseph Kosinski and his talented crew at Disney have created harkens back to the first Tron film, but also pushes the visual style way beyond where it was. If you’re like me, every glimpse of the film within the actual Tron universe can be a bit overwhelming; it seems like each frame was made for a poster. Now that Disney has released some of the concept art behind the upcoming film, I really wish they would make some of these images into full-size posters so I can plaster them on my walls. Join me after the break for a true smorgasbord of high resolution images from Tron: Legacy and the concept art for costumes, vehicles, and environment.

The true treat here is the concept art, but let’s not forget some of the fantastic images that have been released in the past. The light suits that they created to actually light up and function are truly stunning to see within the stills and every image really pops with a dystopian feel if dystopia still had an obsession with neon lights. Then we have the light cycles and the light vehicle with four wheels (cheater!) that apparently Quorra (Olivia Wilde) prefers. Of course, my favorites are Rinzler and Clu (young Jeff Bridges).

So, revisit all the great images and check out how the Sirens were originally more ninja than seductress and how the original concept of the light cycles had a tiny wheel in the back and a covered cockpit. They apparently liked the idea of seeing the actors so much, they just simply made the light cycles into bikes that you lay down on instead of sit in. Oh, and notice the wild architecture that I’m sure Kosinski had a hand in creating (he was an architect). Also, make sure to check out the film when it hits theaters in 3D and 2D on December 17th.

click on any image for high-res

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