TRON: LEGACY DVD and Blu-ray Cover Art and Details?

     January 17, 2011

While Tron: Legacy is still playing in theaters around the world, it’s nearing the end of its theatrical run.  Thus far director Joseph Kosinski’s sequel has made over $324 million at the worldwide box office, which I’m not sure is enough to move forward with another sequel.  However, Disney really believes in Tron as they have Tron: Uprising (an animated series) airing on Disney XD later this year and the producer of Tron: Legacy (Sean Bailey) is in a position of power at the studio.  While many rumors have hit the net that a third Tron film is a go, I don’t think the studio is going to move forward on anything until they see the home video numbers.  After all, if the movie doesn’t sell on DVD or Blu-ray, that might influence the studio to kill any potential sequel.

Which brings us to why we’re here.  Our partners at Omelete have landed what appears to be the cover art for the Tron: Legacy DVD/Blu-ray (single disc editions) and they’ve also listed some of the extras.  While not confirmed by Disney, I’d imagine the listing is pretty accurate.  For more info and the cover art, hit the jump:

According to Omelete (our partners in Brazil), Tron: Legacy will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray in March.  While I don’t know if the March date is just for Brazil or the entire world, it could be that Disney is going to release a bare bones DVD/Blu-ray in March, and then later this year, release collectors editions loaded with extras.  While I hate when studios double dip, as long as they announce the plan in advance, I’m cool with it.

Ultimately, if you’re a fan of the universe of Tron and you want another sequel, this is a DVD/Blu-ray that you have to buy.  I really think home video sales are going to be a big factor in getting a third film.

Here’s the cover art (from Brazil) and the list of extras.  When Disney sends us info on the USA editions, we’ll post it.

The single disc DVD will have:

– Skean peek: Tron: Uprising, the animated series on Disney XD
– Visualizing Tron
– Installing the cast

The Blu-ray will have:

– Skean peek: Tron: Uprising, the animated series on Disney XD
– Installing the Legacy
– Launching the Legacy
– Visualizing Tron
– Videoclip Derezzed, by Daft Punk

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