New TRON: LEGACY DVD Easter Egg Hint at Villains for Possible Sequel

     March 28, 2011


We heard in January that Disney filmed additional material specifically for the DVD/Blu-ray release of Tron: Legacy.  The official release is scheduled for April 5, but we sneaked a peak earlier this month with a leaked 10-minute clip of new footage, “Tron: The Next Day.”  That clip has since been taken down, but the resilient Youtube poster has uploaded a second clip from the DVD.

Though shorter (and less titled) than “Tron: The Next Day,” the new clip has even deeper implications on a possible Tron 3: it features a text conversation between the villainous Father and Son Dillinger that suggest the closing moments of “The Next Day” are just “a minor bump in the road” to their evil plan.  Watch it (while it’s still up) after the jump.

Via Bleeding Cool:


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