New TRON LEGACY Movie Image/Billboard

     June 2, 2010

Every month Walt Disney releases a new image from Tron: Legacy in the form of a billboard in Los Angeles.  If you didn’t know, the studio bought a huge billboard on Santa Monica Bouldevard in Los Angeles that gets updated monthly with a new image/poster from the upcoming December release.

I actually drove by the billboard last night and it was still the same image from last month.  But since it’s June, I knew we’d be getting a new image any day now.  And thanks to Collider reader Sam, you can see the new one above.  While I don’t know where Sam got the image, it looks real to me.  I’m sure Disney will be sending out a high res version soon. We’ll update the story when they do.  For more on Tron Legacy, click here.

Updated with high-res version. Click the image to see.


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