TRON LEGACY Press Conference – Jeff Bridges, Director Joe Kosinski, Producer Sean Bailey, and original Tron Director/Writer Steve Lisberger

     July 23, 2009

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“This was a giant, very expensive student film,” joked Jeff Bridges while discussing Disney’s upcoming Tron Legacy. “There was always a feeling of let’s figure it out.” Indeed, it seems that this spirit of pioneering was present through all aspects of the movie as Star Jeff Bridges, Director Joe Kosinski, Producer Sean Bailey, and original Tron Director/Writer Steve Lisberger (along with a few other cast member guests) discussed the future of one of the longest awaited sequels in the nerd culture lexicon. Shooting on Tron Legacy (aka Tr2n, aka Tron 2) may have only wrapped a week ago, but the Tron team had a lot to say about its future. Hit the jump to find out why the stars (and microchips) finally aligned for Tron fans, how Jeff Bridges feels about facing off against his younger self, and how this all these computer characters find their roots in the old west.

tron_movie_image__2_.jpg“The zeitgeist and the role of Tron has changed,” said original Tron writer/director Steve Lisberger. “The next wave in to go into cyberspace and implement it into real life.” This theme of cyberspace as a new realm to explore was clearly present in the team’s presentation. “In a way cyberspace has a connection like westerns,” continued Steve. “It’s a perpetual frontier now, just like the western.” If the reaction to the footage played in Hall H was any indication (you could hear the cheers all the way upstairs in the press room) it seem like both the film’s original fans and as well as a whole new generation are ready to follow them into this frontier. “It’s a generational thing,” said Steve. “Part of the reason Tron is happening now is that it feels like the generational wheel has aligned.”

When asked about his participation in Tron Legacy, Jeff Bridges replied, “I was so excited to see that Steve’s source material was intact. What got me into the first one was Steve’s Enthusiasm.” Steve was quick to respond saying that Jeff’s participation in the sequel was essential to it getting made.

A few outstanding bits of info revealed during the conversation:

Tron Legacy is designed to be a stand-alone movie so that anyone can jump in, but is built on the story and foundation of the original. An entire mythology was created to move the Tron world form 1982 to 2010, the setting of Tron Legacy. “Fans of the original will find a lot to discover,” said director Joe Kosinski. “The world of Tron has evolved disconnected from the outside world for 25 years. The crew worked hard to make sure everything lines up.”

-Tron City was mentioned a number of times during the session, though no footage of it is ready yet.

-Producer Sean Bailey said it was never his goal to look though the Disney library and say, “Let’s do that.” He found inspiration and a great story in Tron Legacy, and that’s why it’s being made.

-When asked about the experience of shooting rumored scenes where Jeff Bridges character fights/interacts with his younger original Tron character, he commented that the experience was “bizarre.” When pressed about the technology or technique used to shoot these scenes, he said he didn’t want to talk about it, much as a magician doesn’t want to reveal how his tricks are done. “The challenge was the story,” quipped Bridges, “That was the big special effect.”

-When asked about the future of Tron games, the team commented that there were many conversations going on about the future of the franchise in the gaming world.

-Electronica legends Daft Punk are confirmed as composing the score for Tron Legacy. They have been working on the score for 6 months already, and were given many of the original audio stems from the first Tron to implement into their score.

-The team has no doubt they will be back to Comic-Con next year with tons of new footage to show.

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