TRON LEGACY Set Visit – Collider Battles the MCP in Vancouver Part 1

     March 15, 2010

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It’s Friday, June 26, 2009.  I’m sitting across the room from Jeff Bridges and he’s talking about playing Kevin Flynn in Tron Legacy.  All around me are the most amazing artistic renderings of what the film is going to look like.  I’m smiling from ear to ear.

Last summer, when the movie was still being filmed, Disney invited a few lucky online journalists to the Vancouver set.  At the time, the movie was shrouded in secrecy and the few of us that walked onto the set were treated to an amazing visit and given a ton of access to the story, shown the practical sets, and we were able to interview the cast.  Since that day, I’ve waited patiently, wanting  to be able to recount all of my experiences on set and to be able to tell you what I saw and learned.

Thankfully, today is that day.  Hit the jump for more.

Tron_Legacy_movie_image (10).jpgHere’s the thing.  While I’d love to tell you everything I saw and did while on set, Disney has a year long plan for Tron Legacy and it involves me spacing out the interviews and what I saw over a number of months.  For now, they’ve asked me to only reveal my initial thoughts about being on set and what the production “war room” looked like.  The war room is where the production kept all the concept art for the movie.  It’s also where the entire movie was laid out for all of us to see and where we learned a ton of the secrets of Tron Legacy.

And that’s why I’ve been waiting for this day…as last June I knew how awesome Tron Legacy was going to be, and I’ve been wanting to tell you about it since. But since I know how reading about a set visit can only get so much across…since Peter from Slashfilm was also on the set visit, we recorded an amazing 40 minutes video blog right after we got back from set around 4am.  But due to revealing far too many spoilers, Disney has asked us to hold off from posting our full video blog until late June.

So what we decided to do was record a brand new video blog focusing on what Disney asked us to talk about…which is our initial reaction to being on set and what the war room was really like.  Here’s the video.  Hint: we absolutely loved everything we saw!

And one thing before watching, if you haven’t seen the amazing trailer for Tron Legacy, watch that first.  More links below the video.

Note: This video blog was recorded on March 15, 2010 in Las Vegas.  The full spoiler filled  should be online before Comic-Con this summer.

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