TRON LEGACY Viral Campaign Begins; Matt Races to the First Location but Is Too Late! – UPDATED

     February 24, 2010


Let the Tron Legacy viral game begin.  After creating a countdown clock about a week ago, we’ve now reached “Zero Hour” and the website has gone from binary weirdness to a clear mission.  A list of cities has gone online with each location becoming “active” by providing a link to a PDF file that lists a location, a description of a contact, and a password you’ll need to provide to the contact.

I discovered that Atlanta had gone online so I raced over to the location, the Midtown Bowl.  The location was only a few minutes from where I live, but alas, I was too late!  I was “Drop 8” and two girls that arrived just after me were 9 and 10.  Sadly, our contact, “John,” had nothing for us.  He informed us that he only had something for the first person.  He would not reveal what it was, but I believe it was a code to bring back to the Zero Hour website.  Once entered, a new piece of a 6×10 grid is revealed with an image from the 1982 film, but once clicked it flips to part of a larger image.  Finally, at the bottom of the screen there is a list of “Field Operatives,” with names like “Avatrix” and “Blackmot…” but I don’t know what these mean.

Hit the jump to see a photo of the Midtown Bowl and our contact.  Hopefully this viral campaign will be as fun and as intricate as the best one for a movie thus far: The Dark Knight.  We have about ten months ahead of us as Tron Legacy hits theaters on December 17th.

UPDATE: has discovered what the “operative” received if they were the first person to meet the contact.  It was a package that included a cell phone.  When called, the operative received further instructions to find another package.  Inside the second package was a Tron wallet with two coins and a code to be entered at]




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