TRON LEGACY Viral: Matt Is Now a (Fake) ENCOM Employee

     March 19, 2010


Unemployment may still be high, but I’ve managed to land a fake job at a fake company.  The Tron Legacy viral campaign has sent out badges to those who beat the name-the-videogame game from last week.  I received my badge in the mail today and it comes with a digital barcode.  The barcode, when scanned with a barcode scanner app for a smart phone with camera, leads you to the ENCOM International Employee Intranet.  Your employee identification code is on your badge and your FlynnLives password is your ENCOM password.

In the viral game, your badge is a forgery created by Arcade Aid founder and FlynnLives secret agent, Zack.  The badges are so you can work “undercover” at the company.  Access to the ENCOM Intranet reveals two things: one, the management at ENCOM are dicks who don’t like their employees using emoticons or shorthand like “BRB” in their e-mails (although I will agree with their banning of the word “chillaxin”); and two, and more importantly, the website mentions a big announcement in San Francisco.  It just so happens that WonderCon is in San Francisco and runs from April 2-4.  I’d expect that’s when the next part of the game takes place.

Hit the jump for a picture of me holding my shiny, new, fake badge.

Note: I didn’t mean to look so serious in this photo.


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