TRON LEGACY Will Blow Minds in IMAX 3D

     September 17, 2009

Tron Legacy movie image.jpg

I’m pretty sure there’s only so much visual processing the mind can handle.  At some point it hits overload and you’re not sure what you’re seeing any more and your mind just short-circuits.  Expect to see a lot of drooling faces next December because “Tron Legacy” is coming out in IMAX 3D.  We already knew it would be in 3D and the test footage of that alone blew minds apart at ShoWest and Comic-Con.  Now they want to charge a light cycle right into cerebellums.  I say bring it on but make sure I have someone to drive me home when the film opens on December 17th, 2010.  Click here to read my reaction to the “Tron Legacy” presentation from this year’s Comic-Con.

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