TRON LEGACY Writers Move the Pointer to OUIJA

     November 1, 2009


After speeding through the 80s arcade games of the “Tron” universe, “Tron Legacy” writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are going lo-tech with an adaptation of “Ouija” based on the popular board “game”.  Since I haven’t read the script for “Tron Legacy”, I’m not sure what made Kitsis and Horowitz the men for this job.  My best guess is that their agent and a movie executive whipped out “Ouija” and when the agent asked if Kitsis and Horowitz should write the movie, the spirits moved the pointer to “Yes”.  The spirits then used the numbers at the bottom to determine their quote.  The spirits seem to like the number “0”.

To read more about the project, hit the j…u…m…p…

“Ouija” is being produced by Platinum Dunes (the remakes of “Friday the 13th” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street”) as well as Brian Goldner and Bennett Schneir of Hasbro.  According to HeatVisionBlog, “The studio is looking at the project as a supernatural action-adventure movie. It is possible that certain rules of the game – never use it alone, never use it in a graveyard, always say good-bye – figure into the plot.”  It’s a move commonly known as the “Gremlins Gambit” where simple rules and common sense are ignored in favor of making life miserable for other people.  The Gremlins Gambit occurs not only in movies but in daily life such as someone not using their turn signal when changing lanes or using a cell phone in a theater during a movie/play.

Then HVB has to go and say something silly:

Ouija boards, also known as spirit or talking boards, have been used to communicate with the spirit world for more than 200 decades.

No, they’ve been used to make people think they’re communicating with the spirit world.  There’s nothing special about a piece of cardboard with the alphabet, “yes”, “no”, and the number 0-9 and a plastic triangle with a magnifying glass in the middle.  Oh, it also has the words “Good Bye” because spirits are always polite and don’t use other farewell phrases like “See ya!” or “Smell ya later!”

However, I think board game-movies have had more success than videogame-movies and that Kitsis and Horowitz could come up with a fun movie as long as it doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Oh, and spirits also like taking the time to answer questions like these.  That’s what they’re here for.

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