TRON LEGACY Writers Sucked into Disney’s Remake of THE BLACK HOLE

     November 30, 2009


Joseph Kosinski (director) and Sean Bailey (producer) of Tron Legacy, the highly-anticipated sequel to 1982’s Tron, are teaming up again to revisit another Disney sci-fi classic: The Black Hole. The original followed a space expedition that bumps into another craft hovering just outside a black hole, on which the explorers find a scientist who refuses to let them go.  The $26 million feature was Disney’s most expensive at the time, and their first to receive a PG rating.

Though specifics on the project are scant, some aspects will remain the same while others won’t.  Namely, the menacing red robot Maximilian is expected to return, but the science behind black holes featured will be much closer to reality. Whether or not the plot will remain the same is unknown.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Travis Beacham is writing the project. Beacham is no stranger to remakes, with his Clash of the Titans slated to come out next year.  Kosinski, a commercial director by trade, is making his feature debut with Tron Legacy.  With that film slated for release on December 17, 2010 and Disney anxious to turn it into a serious franchise, it is unknown where The Black Hole would land in between potential Tron Legacy sequels.

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