‘Troop Zero’ Trailer Pits Allison Janney Against Viola Davis

     December 5, 2019


After screening at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, Amazon Studios bought Troop Zero, the indie dramedy from rising directorial duo Bert & Bertie. Now, you can watch the first trailer of the film that feels like Moonrise Kingdom meets The Bad News Bears.


Image via Amazon Studios

Set in 1977, Troop Zero stars Mckenna Grace (Gifted) as Christmas Flint, a young, precocious child who has a single father (Jim Gaffigan) and a ton of dreams. When the well-known local Birdie Troops get the opportunity to be part of a memento sent into space, Christmas sees it as an opportunity to reconnect with her dead mother. So, she conspires with a group of other rogues with colorful names like Hell-No and Smash to infiltrate the precious Birdie Troops and get themselves heard. Trouble is, they have to deal with a perfectly proper rival troop led by the prissy, difficult Miss Massey (Allison Janney). Their troop, on the other hand, is led by reluctant paralegal Rayleen (Viola Davis). Can the group of kids overcome the odds and get their voices heard?

How cute does this movie look? Troop Zero has the vibes of the exact kind of feel-good, laugh-out-loud, heartwarming romp I want to put on when I’m in need of a boost. Grace seems poised to turn in yet another completely and devastatingly earnest and endearing performance. I’m also very excited to see how Davis and Janney do as the spar with one another of their rival troops. Also, I’m very much in the pocket for any movie promising a rogue’s gallery of youngsters who will all have the opportunity to reel off a memorable one-liner or leave a lasting impression. All in all, it’s very hard not to be charmed by what Bert & Bertie have created here; everything is working on every single level.

Troop Zero arrives on Amazon Prime Video on January 17, 2020. Check out the trailer below and then make sure you check out our original Sundance review of the film.

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