Watch Two New TRUE BLOOD Season 6 Promos

     April 25, 2013


Two new promos for HBO’s gory vampire drama True Blood focus on Sookie’s brother Jason and the werewolf Alcide, giving viewers a little hint of what might be coming up in the show’s sixth season.  Some fans were relieved that Alan Ball was relinquishing his showrunner duties this year (moving on to create the fantastic Banshee on Cinemax), but with the news that new showrunner Mark Hudis left shooting halfway through this new season and was replaced with series writer Brian Buckner, well, to quote one of my favorite films, “alarm bells are ringing, Willie!”  Still True Blood always has a way of pulling us back into its chaos, and I’m sure this season will be no exception.  Hit the jump for the new teaser videos.

A little less than a month ago, HBO released the first teaser trailer for the series, which returns June 9th.  As was mentioned in that post, the new season has a shorter episode order which will hopefully mean that the storytelling is a little tighter.  But with some massively odd developments to end Season Five though … we’ll have to see.

In the new clips, Jason is spouting out some of his ridiculous(ly great) dialogue and attempting to harm, Nora, Eric’s “sister.”  Typical relationships are in play: Jason hates vamps, Sookie protects them, the world turns.  In the other clip, Alcide, now a pack leader, argues with his splinter pack about taking the now-always-in-wolf-cub-form Emma.  But as Martha snarls to the dissidents, “she’s part of this pack whether you like it or not.”  Rumor has it that this season will focus back on Bon Temps more, which would be a relief from last year’s Authority plot.  Praise Billith!

True Blood returns to HBO June 9th at 9 p.m.