College Humor Presents TRUE GRIT with Subtitles

     January 10, 2011


Normally, subtitles are there to help you understand the dialogue in a movie. They’re useful when watching a foreign film and are quite helpful for the hearing impaired. But in a recent film, subtitles have brought to light a shortcoming of one of Hollywood’s most talented actors. Perhaps making the jump from the hyper-futuristic TRON: Legacy to the classical Western True Grit has addled Jeff Bridges’ brain? Regardless of the cause, I, for one, fully support Bridges’ insistence to work through his disability.

To check out a video that documents Bridges’ brave struggle for yourself, hit the jump.

Here’s the video [from College Humor]:

I’ll admit, when I watched True Grit without subtitles, Jeff Bridges’ natural talent shone through and I was able to understand a good 85% of what he said. But watching the above clip enlightened me to the fact that Bridges’ was really just portraying an old man with a speech impediment and a raving case of dementia.

He must have studied the craft by hanging out with this guy:


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