TV News Briefs: GLEE Planning Britney Spears Episode, MAD MEN Viewership in Jeopardy, Andre Royo Joining FRINGE

     July 9, 2010

GLEE Britney Spears Episode, MAD MEN Andre Royo FRINGE slice

We’ve got a collection of brief TV news for you starting with THR’s report that following the success of the Lady Gaga-centric episode of Glee last season, writers are busy working on an episode that will feature the chart-topping pop music of Britney Spears. Series creator Ryan Murphy said succinctly, “We are writing a Britney Spears episode.” It doesn’t get any clearer than that, but what isn’t clear is whether or not the episode will call for an appearance form the pop princess herself, or if she’s even been asked to appear on the series. One thing’s for sure, Glee and it’s 19 Emmy nominations certainly seem to guarantee continued acclaim and viewership.

Speaking of viewers, hit the jump for some potentially bad news for fans of Mad Men, and a new cast member for Fringe.

Andre Royo imageDeadline has some news that doesn’t bode well as the fourth season premiere of AMC’s much-loved series Mad Men. It looks like the Emmy nominated series may be facing the harsh reality of a drop in viewership as the current carriage agreement between cable provider AT&T and the AMC network’s parent company Rainbow Media expires on July 14th, just over a week before the show’s return to television on July 25th, and the two companies have been negotiating quite unsuccessfully over new carriage fees over the past six months. While not everyone of these households watches the series, over 2.5 million households will lose access to AMC if a new deal is not finalized before the season premiere.

Finally, after gaining Amy Madigan for a multiple episode arc on the next season of Fringe, EW reports Fox’s sci-fi series has just gained another valuable addition as Andre Royo, formely of The Wire, has signed on as a guest star for next season. Tread carefully as speculation on his potential role borders on spoiler territory for anyone who has seen the entirety of the second season. Royo will play Henry, a soulful taxi driver who is unexpectedly forced into a tense situation with Olivia. The spoiler part comes from the fact that his interaction may actually be with who has become known as “Fauxlivia,” the replacement for Olivia as she finds her self in captivity in the alternate universe.