The 15 TV Series Most Likely to Get Reboots or Revivals Next

     November 2, 2016


In a world where Fuller House does spectacularly for Netflix and MacGyver has been a solid player on CBS’ Fall schedule, it’s not surprising that TV networks are going back to their archives to find old properties that they can dig up and make new again. In some cases like Girl Meets World, it’s in the form of a sequel series featuring some of the other cast; in others like Hawaii Five-0 we’re seeing an old favorite “re-envisioned” in a new form.

The fourth season of Arrested Development seemed to be one of the recent catalysts that got this revival phase going; there is already talk after a successful election-related tie-in that Will and Grace may even be getting some more episodes soon. Disney Channel has announced a That’s So Raven sequel. Over on NBC, we may be seeing the adventures of Magnum P.I.‘s daughter at some point in the future. Dynasty, of all things, is in development at The CW! And, of course, Twin Peaks is back at Showtime next year after decades away.

Although they have seen some success in the recent past, reboots and revivals don’t always work. NBC’s Ironside update came and went faster than you could say “Raymond Burr.” The heavily promoted Heroes Reborn fizzled. FOX’s new X-Files episodes did very well in the ratings, but most of TNT’s Dallas didn’t bring out the same power that the original 1980s incarnation did.

Obviously, though, the networks realize they have this intellectual property and it’s an easy sell. All one has to say is the name of an old title and, for better or for worse, people know what you’re talking about without spending a dime on advertising.

With that said, there are some shows out there that, for better or for worse, will probably be back on TV or a streaming service within the next fifteen years. Here are a few. This isn’t a list of “should” so much as a “probably will.” So, sorry folks: Firefly is absent. Enjoy: