September 2, 2009


Now before all the fangirls get too excited, I should clarify: the already existing teen social networking site Habbo has made a deal with Summit Entertainment to create “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” related content to go along with the film’s release. As it stands, Habbo is a virtual world in which over 142 million avatars from 31 countries meet to interact. Find out exactly what Summit plans to add to the mix after the jump.

According to Variety, Habbo will be adding “Twilight” themed activities, items, and polls to their current existing content in what Summit is proud to announce is their first partnership with a virtual world. On the flip side, Habbo is no stranger to cross-promotion, having struck a very similar deal with FreemantleMedia Enterprises, the folks responsible for branding “American Idol,” in the past.

Though this seems like a great thing for both companies–Habbo increases its membership and Summit converts current Habbo-ers into fang-girls–I can’t help but wonder if the site will become just another forum for “Twilight” fanatics to unload their rabid devotion. Won’t the website just turn into another outlet for the current surplus of fanfiction and sequel speculation? I guess we’ll all find out this fall (And be “we’ll all,” I mean the people who actually use that site will).

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