‘Twin Peaks’ Halloween Costume Guide: From Cooper Clones to the Evolution of the Arm

     October 26, 2017


Spoilers follow for those of you who aren’t caught up fully on Twin Peaks: The Return.

Now that David Lynch‘ Twin Peaks: The Return has completed its latest cycle of baffling mythology, dreamy/nightmarish imagery, and nonsensical narratives, fans everywhere get can down to the tough task of finding existential meaning in every frame. One of the best ways to do that is to fully inhabit new and returning characters alike; dress like them, talk like them, turn into smoke and fade away into nothing like them. With that noble pursuit in mind, I’ve put together some of the best possible Halloween costume ideas to help you get into the mind, body, and pitch-black spirit of some of Lynch’s most memorable characters.

Now you can go the easy route and pick a small-town cop costume off the rack of your local Halloween store or simply repurpose your Stranger Things Chief Jim Hopper duds to do a passable impression of any of the members of the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department. You can also go the unconventional route and make your Halloween costume more of a performance piece than an instantly recognizable ensemble by dressing in normal clothes but starting random bar fights, crying while crawling on the floor amongst the legs of concert-goers, or getting lost in the woods for days at a time; I don’t recommend any of these, by the way.

Below, you’ll find a selection of Twin Peaks Halloween costume suggestions that range from the modest to the macabre, from ultra low-budget ideas to those that require full-body, Cronenberg levels of genetic modification. Now I can’t offer tips and suggestions for how to turn yourself into a “Bob Bubble” or transport yourself across inter-dimensional time and space like some slice-your-face demon, but there are some surprisingly practical party-pleasing ideas to be found, as follows: