The ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival Will Be “Pure Heroin David Lynch”, Says Showtime Boss

     January 9, 2017


The wait for more Twin Peaks has been grueling. Ever since Showtime dropped the bananas news that David Lynch was heading back to his head-trip town of mysteries, we’ve been waiting with bated breath for hints at what the legendary filmmaker might have in store, but the director and his collaborators at the premium cable network have kept the revival series shrouded in mystery. We’ve seen the return of The Man from Another Place and Lynch himself chowing down on a donut, but any hopes for hints of plot have remained unanswered.

And that’s probably because this show is going to be weird as hell. During Showtime’s presentation at the TCA press tour, network president and CEO David Nevins described the series as “pure heroin David Lynch”. I’m not totally sure what that means, but I like the sound of it. The revival series was also described as Lynch’s “unadulterated vision” and Lynch was free-and-clear of your standard network notes. “We talked,” Nevins said. “I wouldn’t call it traditional notes. But we had deep discussions on the script and on the cuts. But it was David’s choice what to do and what not to do


Image via ABC

Nevins also offered up the first whiff of a narrative, revealing that “the core of it is Agent Cooper’s odyssey back to Twin Peaks.” And that’s probably about as much detail as we’re going to get. Nevins said not to expect any revealing trailers in the lead-up to the May 21st debut. “You’ll see film pieces come out, but they may not be a traditional trailer,” he explained, “And they definitely won’t be trailers that give away plot points.”

In terms of rollout plans, Twin Peaks is having an unusual launch — premiering the first two hours on the network and making the subsequent two hours available immediately afterward on Showtime streaming platforms — but the series will be dispersed “more or less once a week.” Nevins continued, “We’re not breaking it into two seasons. David really believes in the drip of weekly television.” And don’t hold your breath for a Season 2, Twin Peaks “is designed to be close-ended, one-time event.”

Finally, you’re gonna want to pay attention when you watch. “The thing about Twin Peaks, and this new version of Twin Peaks, is it rewards close watching,” Nevins said. “It was an original social media discussion show before the tools of fan engagement really existed. That’s one reason why David is so particular about secrecy. It will really reward close watching and [putting] things together over time.”

Twin Peaks will return on Showtime May 21st. Break out the cherry pie.