Francis Ford Coppola Is Filming TWIXT NOW AND SUNRISE with Val Kilmer, Elle Fanning, and Bruce Dern

     October 25, 2010


This pairing may have excited the masses more in, say, 1986.  But present day me is hooked.  Francis Ford Coppola has quietly started shooting his next film, Twixt Now and Sunrise, with Val Kilmer at the lead.  Elle Fanning (Somewhere) and Bruce Dern (Big Love) co-star.  According to Deadline, Sunrise is “a thriller with horror overtones” based on a short story by Coppoola.  Kilmer plays a horror novelist in the Napa-based production.

As the news of a Top Gun sequel permeates the internet, the focus has been on a possible Tom Cruise return.  But surely once that’s settled, Kilmer is next in line for rumorous scrutiny.  Glad to see him shoring up his resume with a director as fine as Coppola.  Whether or not his best days are behind him, Coppola seems rejuvenated by his decade away from the director’s chair following 1997’s The Rainmaker.  I’m sure we can expect Twixt sometime in 2011, which makes an indie film every two years after Coppola’s Youth Without Youth (2007) and Tetro (2009).  I’m excited to hear more details on this one, and I hope by the time we report on it again there is a less atrocious title attached.

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