Tyler Labine Exclusive Sundance Video Interview TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL

     February 2, 2010

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Another of the many films that premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival was the horror/comedy Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.  Starring Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine, Tucker & Dale is about two Virginian hillbillies that get mistaken for killers by kids on spring break.  Trust me, it’s a very funny movie and one you should be excited to see.  And if you look around the net, you’ll notice almost all the reviews were great and I’m pretty sure someone will be buy the film for distribution.

Anyway, I managed to get some time with Tyler Labine (who you may know from the CW’s Reaper)  and we talked about how the film came together, what the film is about and his character, what it’s really like to be at Sundance, his new FOX show Sons of Tucson, and a lot more.  So hit the jump and check out the interview:

And if you’d like to see some clips from Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, click here.

Tyler Labine

  • How much does he pay attention to the online buzz
  • He talks about the movie and his character
  • How did the project come together
  • Explains how challenging the film was to make
  • True or not true: Does Alan Tudyk really make his co stars watch Firefly
  • What’s it like being at Sundance and when did he find out they were going
  • Talks about his new TV show called Sons of Tucson that premieres after Family Guy in March


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