Limited Paper: Mondo and Tyler Stout’s DRIVE Poster and Soundtrack Revealed

     March 4, 2013


It was about a year ago that Mondo first confirmed that Tyler Stout would be working on a new poster for Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive.  This sent collectors into a frenzy of anticipation, a frenzy that only increased when it was also announced that Stout’s poster would serve as the cover at on a Mondo Vinyl release of the Drive soundtrack.  We were told to expect both in June, and then…the waiting began.  It seems that–between one thing and another—both projects hit a few snags on their way to that June, 2012 drop date, but the wait appears to be over:  we know now what the poster looks like and when the soundtrack will drop (we’ve also got a pretty good idea when the poster will arrive).  Wanna know what we know?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

No need to pad this thing out:  the fine folks at Pitchfork have already said everything that needs to be said.  From their reveal of the Tyler Stout Drive poster and Mondo Vinyl Drive soundtrack :

The LP will be available in person at Austin’s Mondo Gallery on March 15; it’ll be for sale through their website on March 22. It’s a 2xLP set with gatefold sleeve on black vinyl– although random copies will be on hot pink vinyl.

The soundtrack features a score by Cliff Martinez, plus tracks by Chromatics, College, Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx, and others. (Geoff Barrow’s Invada label has also released the soundtrack on vinyl.)

And what’s it look like?  Here’s the poster:

  • Drive by Tyler Stout


I think we’ve just been shown a perfect visual representation of the phrase “worth the wait”.  If you’re curious, this is how that poster translates to the vinyl cover art:


Now, Pitchfork says the album will be released at the Mondo Gallery on March 15th—the same day that the eagerly-anticipated Stout & Taylor show opens—and that it’ll also be released online the following week.  Does this mean we can expect the poster to launch at the same time and in the same way?  Seems like a safe bet, but of course we’ll need to stay tuned to find out how that turns out.  As always, Limited Paper will be on-hand at both the Stout & Taylor show and the upcoming Game of Thrones event to bring you all the photos, video, (potential) interviews, and commentary that you can handle.  Stay tuned.


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