Emmy Raver-Lampman Details Her Journey from ‘Hamilton’ to ‘The Umbrella Academy’

     August 1, 2020

Emmy Raver-Lampman is excellent in Umbrella Academy Season 1, but just wait until you see how much she excels in Season 2. In all honesty, I was floored when I saw Allison’s storyline in Season 2 and how Raver-Lampman makes the absolute most of it. But, when I got the chance to speak to her for Collider Ladies Night and got a clearer sense of her journey from Marymount Manhattan College to Netflix star, her ability to shine more and more like that made so much sense.

We’re talking about a talent who made her Broadway debut before graduating college, starred in a number of national tours, was part of the original ensemble of one of the greatest Broadway musicals of all time, Hamilton, and then seamlessly made the transition to starring in a hit Netflix show. Raver-Lampman is oozing with talent and has proven time and time again, that she’s going to keep taking it to the next level from project to project – or, in the case of Umbrella Academy, from season to season.


Image via Netflix

The second season of the show picks up right where Season 1 left off, in a sense. Five (Aidan Gallagher) does manage to time travel with all of the Hargreeves siblings to escape Vanya’s (Ellen Page) 2019 apocalypse, but he brings them back to the 1960s and scatters them all throughout a three-year period. So now Allison is all alone in the segregated South. It’s quite the storyline to take on but Raver-Lampman excelled big time with it, turning Umbrella Academy into a highly entertaining series that can also inspire positive change in the process.

Check out Raver-Lampman’s full episode of Collider Ladies Night to hear all about her days of being a rule-breaker in New York City, how she scored her Broadway debut, what it was like being part of the original cast of Hamilton, tackling Allison’s storyline in Season 2 of Umbrella Academy and how she hopes they’ll use the lessons Allison learned in Season 3. You can give the conversation a watch in video form at the top of this article, or, if you prefer, we’ve also got a podcast version of the full chat below.

Emmy Raver-Lampman:

  • 00:39 – Raver-Lampman on being raised to follow her gut; how New York City first drew her to the entertainment industry.
  • 02:50 – How influential Ragtime was for her.
  • 03:38 – Pat Simon, the head of the musical theater department at Marymount Manhattan College, made all the difference; being a bit of a rule breaker at school.
  • 05:20 – Booking her first national tour while still at school; how Raver-Lampman scored her Broadway debut.
  • 09:27 – Raver-Lampman discusses the difference between a traveling production and doing one in a fixed location.
  • 12:17 – Raver-Lampman looks back on her audition for Hamilton and why she almost didn’t audition at all.
  • 16:48 – Raver-Lampman highlights members of the original Hamilton ensemble who really wowed her on stage and off.


    Image via Netflix

  • 20:40 – How Leslie Odom Jr. fought for the cast of Hamilton.
  • 24:35 – Where did the itch to get into film and television come from; getting Umbrella Academy by following her gut.
  • 28:50 – When did Raver-Lampman first find out what the plan was for Allison in Season 2?
  • 33:00 – Spoiler Warning! How will Allison take the lessons learned in Season 2 to Season 3?
  • 37:20 – Raver-Lampman talks about Allison’s note to Ray at the end of the season.