‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Interactive Special: How to Win ‘Kimmy vs. the Reverend’

     May 12, 2020

unbreakable-kimmy-schmidt-interactive-special-sliceMassive spoilers for ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend’ follow below.

Tina Fey and Robert Carlock‘s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has always existed in its own version of reality, but the Netflix series, returning for a stand-alone interactive special this week, takes that to another level.

When last we saw Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) and her friends, she had become a successful J.K. Rowling-esque author of childrens’ books, while Titus (Tituss Burgess) had managed to become a somewhat successful actor represented by Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski) as his agent. In “Kimmy vs. the Reverend,” Kimmy’s excited to begin the next phase of her life, but her wedding to Prince Frederick (Daniel Radcliffe) is only a few days away when she discovers that the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (Jon Hamm) may have had another bunker of women trapped somewhere.


Image via Netflix

Kimmy, always determined to help others, sets out to attempt a rescue — and thanks to Netflix’s choose-your-own-adventure technology, it’s viewers like you who get to make all the big decisions. You can spend literally hours exploring the options possible, refining your choices until the resulting adventure ends in the happiest ending possible (or the absolute worst) — below are the most helpful tips I can offer, after playing through several times, to not just “win” the special, but experience some of its most charming quirks.

One general guideline for playing through the special is that while some characters might go down darker paths, one constant that can be relied upon is that Kimmy is, it’s said at least once, the best of us. This especially comes into play near the end of the experience, when Kimmy finds herself facing one of the toughest choices of perhaps her entire life: Whether or not to get true vengeance against the Reverend.

As for specifics, you should definitely plan to do the following, in order to achieve ultimate victory (some points kept a bit vague, to preserve the surprise):

  • When wedding dress shopping, pick the fun dress, not the fancy one. (Again, it’s far more true to Kimmy’s character.)
  • While it’s clearly against type for Titus to choose exercising over a nap, it’s one of the big Titus choices you have to make in order to reach his happy ending.
  • Be sure to take the time to read the book Kimmy finds as soon as you can. (Though you can take a pause for kissing first.)
  • You’ll know pretty quickly when you’ve made the wrong decision when it comes to choosing between Jacqueline or Titus for company on Kimmy’s trip, but while the answer is ultimately Titus, Jacqueline’s scene features some semi-timely jokes.
  • kimmy-schmidt-netflix-special-images

    Image via Netflix

    It’ll work out fine either way, but at the karaoke bar, Lillian (Carol Kane) should be who you pick to sing.

  • When Jacqueline has to choose between mocking the script or mocking the wardrobe of Titus’s movie, go for the script.
  • And if you want to reach Jacqueline’s perfect ending, have her confront the writer (played by Zak Orth) as opposed to going to her happy place.
  • Another choice that should be easy to predict correctly, based on what we know about Kimmy as a person: At the gas station, choose to stay behind and babysit the abandoned baby, even though Kimmy and Titus are supposed to be chasing after the Reverend.
  • Titus’s final big choice — chasing after Kimmy or chowing down on a woodland banquet — should be pretty obvious, but in case you couldn’t guess: friendship beats imaginary food every time, and leads to his happiest possible conclusion (especially if you had Titus choose to work out).
  • And when Kimmy finally tracks down the Reverend… As much fun as it might seem, to stomp or shoot or ‘splode him, Kimmy has to make the right choice in the end.

Image via Netflix

You should also make a point of enjoying the following Easter eggs, even if they might derail your progress…

  • If you do decide to let Titus take a nap, let him sleep for cameos by Mikey (Mike Carlsen) and Charlotte McKinney as herself.
  • Be sure to give Donna Maria (Sol Miranda) a call when Kimmy reaches out to her fellow Mole Women, as that’s how to reach Josh Groban‘s (very funny) cameo.
  • Skip Intro: What happens when you make use of this well-established Netflix feature isn’t what you might expect.
  • You won’t get anywhere by waiting for Mamadou your Uber driver, but click that option both the first and second times it appears, and you’ll get to see the apocalyptic ending teased in the trailer.
  • You deserve to hear the entirety of Burgess’s rendition of “Free Bird,” so don’t even think about skipping past it. If you skip “Free Bird,” you’re a cop.
  • It is also worth hearing the non-Lynyrd Skynyrd version of “Free Bird,” just for laughs.
  • When it’s time to see how the Reverend escaped from prison, either “Sneaky Plan” or “Karate” will work out. (“Karate” will be the funnier option.)
  • If you take the time to replay sections, definitely go back and experience Jacqueline’s happy place, which features Krakowski lip-syncing to an original song being performed by Tina Fey.
  • Another opportunity to hear an original song: While Lillian is best prepared to get Frederick ready for his wedding, if you pick Fiona the nanny instead (Carol Kane’s charming secondary role), Kane gets to perform a charming Mary Poppins-esque tune written by Jeff Richmond.
  • Kimmy needs to spare the Reverend, ultimately. But yeah, it’s definitely worth exploring the other options for what happens to him — and there’s a bonus scene if you do all three of them.

You can probably spend hours exploring all the potential permutations, for what is ultimately a fun return to Kimmy’s very special, very specific universe.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend is streaming now on Netflix.