‘Uncharted’ Gets Closer to Filming with a Set Photo from Tom Holland [Updated]

     July 15, 2020


[Update: We’ve been told that while prepping is underway for filming, cameras have not quite started rolling on Uncharted yet. Original story follows below.]

It turns out the one thing that couldn’t delay Sony’s adaptation of the video game Uncharted was a pandemic. The movie has been stuck in development hell forever, and it looked like it would stay that way as studios struggle with how to resume filming in a safe manner for their cast and crew. But some films are forging ahead, and Uncharted, which follows the adventures of treasure hunter Nathan Drake, is among them.

However, the new movie won’t exactly be like the game. Sony, seeing long-term potential in the title, wanted to go younger than the games, so instead of having Nathan Drake in his mid-to-late 30s like he is in the PlayStation titles, here he’ll be played by Tom Holland, and it will be an origin story with Mark Wahlberg playing as Nathan’s mentor figure, Sully. It’s a far cry from what the fans think they wanted (Nathan Fillion in a straight adaptation), but it could still turn out to be a fun movie.

Holland announced that filming had begun via Instagram:


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Day one #uncharted

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Not much is known about the movie other than it being an origin story, Antonio Banderas is probably playing the villain, and Ruben Fleischer (Venom) is on board to direct a script from Iron Man screenwriters Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. Is that enough to make for a successful video game adaptation? Perhaps!

The curious thing about the Uncharted games is that they’re pretty much already like movies. They’re built around set pieces, have a wise-cracking protagonist, and they’re heavily inspired by the Indiana Jones movies. Why it’s taken so long to adapt them in the first place is kind of a mystery, but we’re finally here and it looks like Uncharted is finally coming to the big screen.

Uncharted is currently set to open on July 16, 2021.

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