Here Are All the Underrated Netflix Shows and One-Season Wonders You Missed

     July 4, 2020

Netflix has a lot of good content, but the best content doesn’t always grab the headlines or the attention of the streaming platform’s millions of viewers worldwide. Sometimes, the best of what Netflix has to offer gets lost in the weeds. We’ve seen it happen to movies, which is why we put together this list of The Best Hidden Gems and Underrated Moves on Netflix Right Now. But it also happens to TV shows, and there are so, so many more of them to choose from. So we thought we’d do you a solid and compile a list of TV shows that are worth your time and attention but likely got missed along the way.

All … okay most of the following Netflix Originals and other series streaming on Netflix are currently sitting at just one season (some were limited series or miniseries), meaning that Netflix either needs more eyeballs on each of them to justify a second season order or they’re waiting for the right time to make that announcement. It’s probably the former, so now’s a great time to check out all the series you may have missed. The hard-working teams behind the scenes would certainly love to launch a second season of their shows. So who knows, your attention might just help them do that. Spread the word and be sure to add the following titles to your watch-lists. And if we missed a title that you think is underrated, be sure to let us know!