Trailer for the Japanese Remake of UNFORGIVEN Starring Ken Watanabe, Akira Emoto, and Jun Kunimura

     February 13, 2014


Warner Bros. U.K. has posted a trailer for the Japanese remake of Unforgiven.  For those who haven’t seen Clint Eastwood’s 1992 masterpiece, it centers on an old gunfighter who reluctantly joins his former partner and a swaggering hotshot to claim the bounty on two men who attacked a prostitute.  The remake changes the setting to Hokkaido in 1880 and from gunslingers to samurai, but the general plot remains mostly intact.  When I saw the film at TIFF last year, I thought the technical craft was superb, but director Lee Sang-il has trouble figuring out how to significantly separate his picture from Eastwood’s.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer, which we posted last year, but this new one now has subtitles.  The film stars Ken Watanabe, Akira Emoto, Jun Kunimura, and Shiori Kutsana. Unforgiven opens in the U.K. on February 28th.


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