Universal Wants To Make Jonah Hill A Romantic Lead in THE BEST THING ABOUT PAM ROONEY

     August 10, 2009


“Funny People” or no, Universal still wants to be in the Judd Apatow business.  The studio has just picked up a new romantic comedy script from Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O’Brien, two writers/producers from the Apatow stable of talent.  The studio plans to develop the script as a starring vehicle for Jonah Hill.  Yes, you read that right–Jonah Hill is now romantic comedy material.  The script is called “The Best Thing About Pam Rooney” and that’s about all I can tell you for now, beside the fact that Variety’s article describes the film as “high concept”.  I’m not sure if that term is meant as a dig at Hill’s leading man chops or if the best thing about Pam Rooney is that she is a wizard or something.

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