Unofficial Behind the Scenes Filming of Christopher Nolan’s New Movie INCEPTION Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

     September 21, 2009


I know you’re excited about Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie, “Inception” because you saw the trailer, and now you’re hooked.  Also, that “Dark Knight” movie probably didn’t hurt.  But “Inception” is a project with its plot so under wraps that it feels weird to see set photos.  It’s far weirder to see the actual filming as some LA citizens did today and taped.  As far as I can tell from these brief clips of hand-held footage, “Inception” does not have positive commentary on commuting by car in Los Angeles as we see men shooting at cars and cars chasing each other.  Oh, and a train rolls through a city street.  And I’m talking about a tram or a monorail car.  It’s a real, cargo-hauling train.  You should just hit the jump now.  Trust me.

Also, here’s an LA Times article about prepping for the train to roll through the street. And here’s a funny paragraph regarding how security attempted to prevent unofficial video from leaking:

To keep media, particularly paparazzi, from sneaking into the set, security manned nearly every shop, building and parking structure from Main Street to Broadway and 6th to 8th streets. But that didn’t keep Angelenos from cutting through orange cones and production assistants to get to work, to visit nearby shops or to simply stop and take in the commotion.

Crack security team right there. I guess you can only find people who are bootlegging footage if it’s with night vision goggles in the middle of a darkened theater.

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