Watch: ‘UnReal’ Co-Creator on Why Season 2 Is “at War with Manhood”

     January 6, 2016


“Now that I actually have to write it, I’m like ‘oh my god, what did I do? This is so much work,” says UnReal co-creator Sarah Shaprio during an exclusive sit-down from the writers offices in Los Angeles. Her comments are in response to a question about the cast of the series being mostly overhauled, with a whole new set of contestants coming in for the show’s fictional reality series “Everlasting.” But, the work doesn’t stop there, as UnReal has seen immeasurable levels of success since debuting on Lifetime last summer. “I think, for me, the most gratifying part is the cast, the network — everyone took such a leap of faith on me to do this, and it was sort of like Lifetime trusting that my vision was strong enough to make a show out of.”

Acclaim aside, one does wonder what Shapiro has planned for her dynamic duo of Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and Quinn (Constance Zimmer) for the upcoming 2016 season. “They are at war with manhood. They are on top, obsessed with power and money, dancing on the tables, doing coke and having a great time.” Shaprio said, adding, “Rachel and Quinn are going to behave and battle like men. Our whole season is really about gender roles, and it’s about Quinn and Rachel trying to step into these male gender roles… [and] worrying about what the effect is on women when they try and battle that way.”

Regarding to Rachel in particular, Shapiro explained, “I think that anyone who’s ever had a job, or compromised for a job, or sold their soul for a job as they’re trying to survive can relate to what Rachel’s doing. The most important thing for us is just keeping her grounded, and keeping her decisions motivated.” When asked where the character is mentally in the beginning of Season 2, the writer simply responded, “not great. Not super stable.”

Check out our full interview below; UnReal returns this summer on Lifetime.


Image via Lifetime


Image via Lifetime