‘Unsane’: First Images Tease Steven Soderbergh’s Mysterious iPhone-Shot Horror Movie

     January 22, 2018


One of the things that makes Steven Soderbergh such a fascinating director is that he never stops innovating, and he never allows himself to be content doing just one kind of project. In the last few years alone, he directed all of the visually stunning TV series The Knick on Cinemax, elevating what could have just been a historical medical procedural into something truly mesmerizing. He also directed the first Magic Mike, an unexpected move for a major director, but again, he broadened the scope of what we might visually expect from a movie about male strippers, and made it into something almost New Wave-y. Last year, he moved over to making the sweet Southern heist film Logan Lucky, and this week the linear version of his “choose your own perspective” murder mystery series Mosaic debuts on HBO.

So in typical Soderbergh fashion (which is to say nothing is typical), no one knows what to expect from his upcoming movie Unsane, which was filmed entirely on an iPhone in about a week’s time. As we wrote back in November, “Bleecker Street will release Unsane in theaters on March 23, 2018, and the report notes that the picture is expected to go wide in theaters. The film is still quite the mysterious little production, with synopsis or plot details to speak of, but SNL vet Jay Pharoah previously described the film as a “reality-type horror — almost Get Out-ish, but different.” Pharoah stars alongside Juno Temple, Claire Foy, Amy Irving, and Aimee Mullins.”

Today, the press site for the Berlin International Film Festival posted two images for Unsane featuring The Crown‘s Claire Foy (who just won a well-deserved SAG award for her work in The Crown). The images don’t offer too many clues other than it seems to be medically-related (is that a hospital gown? Prison garb? Is she being fed a pill against her will?) There are probably a few other clues to be gleaned, but really, the fun is in not knowing much about it. In most cases, trailers tend to give away too much of a movie’s best moments, or just tell the entire arc of the plot. We don’t even have that to go on yet with Unsane, but I prefer it that way. The less the better! We know it’s Soderbergh, Pharoah, and Foy … what else do you really need?

Check out the two new images below:

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