‘Unsolved Mysteries’: Yes, There Will Be a Ghost in the Next Batch of Netflix Episodes

If you’re a longtime fan of Unsolved Mysteries like me, odds are you got through the first six episodes of the excellent Netflix revival and asked, “Where are the ghost stories?” In addition to missing persons, cold case murders, and UFO sightings, creepy-as-all-hell ghost stories were a staple of the original series hosted by Robert Stack. Luckily, executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer says we can look forward to some spookiness in the next batch of episodes.

In an interview with Variety, Dunn Meurer revealed that a ghost episode is indeed among the next series of six episodes, due to hit Netflix sometime later this year. “But I’ll qualify that and say it’s an unusual ghost episode,” she said. “That’s all I’ll say. It’s different. A bit different.” Of course, her cryptic statement has only made me that much more impatient for the second batch of episodes, having burned through the inaugural six episodes almost immediately after they were released.

Image via Netflix

Dunn Meurer also offered some updates on the cases featured in the first six episodes, revealing that they’ve received over 2,000 tips on unsolved.com since the new series premiered. In particular, she says they’ve received the most emails about the Alonzo Brooks case, the young man who disappeared after attending a party with his friends. Brooks’ body was discovered in a nearby creek a month later, but the case was ultimately closed by the FBI as an accidental death. However, Dunn Meurer reveals that the case was reopened in June, with the FBI offering a $100,000 reward for any information about Brooks’ death.

If you’re a fan of the series, the entire interview is definitely worth reading. For obvious reasons, Dunn Meurer doesn’t give many specifics about the tips they’ve received, but she does share a handful of hopeful updates, including how the families of the victims have responded to the resurgence of interest in their cases. For more on Unsolved Mysteriescheck out our interview with Dunn Meurer about reviving the 33-year-old series for Netflix.

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