UNTITLED UNIVERSAL MONSTER FRANCHISE FILM Dated For 2017, Will Be Second Shared Universe Pic After THE MUMMY

     November 4, 2014


By this point it’s common knowledge that Universal has their own cinematic shared universe to build using the IP of their classic monsters (which means we can technically also refer to this as an MCU too).  While I haven’t seen their recent film Dracula Untold, it’s my understanding that it’s only tangentially connected to the main series of films being developed by producers/writers Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan.  Kurtzman will actually be directing The Mummy from a script credited to John Spaihts and Billy Ray, which will hit theaters on June 24, 2016.  So this new project, currently going by Untitled Universal Monster Franchise Film, will obviously focus on one of the other monsters in at their disposal (with an appearance by The Mummy I would guess if they’re planning on hitting the ground running with the shared universe concept).

But which monster?  I’m not sure!  What’s interesting (and maybe a little alarming) is how intent they are into making these into action movies.  Hit the jump for more on the Untitled Universal Monster Franchise Film, which is currently dated for Friday, April 27th, 2017.

alex-kurtzman-people-like-usHere’s the official blurb that was sent out:

A new epic action-adventure in a series produced and overseen by the creative team of Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek series) and Chris Morgan (Fast & Furious series), the UNTITLED UNIVERSAL MONSTER FRANCHISE FILM will follow The Mummy in their new initiative to revive and reimagine Universal’s classic monsters for a modern audience.

Fair enough.  It’s an epic action-adventure.  I’m not saying it will be bad, in fact I think action can blend with horror better than has been done in the recent past if the right approach is taken.  But what monster can we see fit into this mold?  The Wolf Man? Maybe.  Frankenstein?  Universal I believe has the classic visual design but may want to put some mileage between this movie and Fox’s Max Landis-penned film coming out next year.  Creature From the Black Lagoon?  That could be cool!  But I can’t see him running and jumping on trains and off of buildings and shit.  I’m actually pulling for them to do Bride of Frankenstein.  Maybe they can beat Marvel to the punch when it comes to putting their female action stars center stage.  Maybe in Universal’s new universe the male monster can be made after the female one.

Then again, it would be nice to see this guy be revived in a nice, new practical suit.


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