UPDATE: Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds, or Bradley Cooper Will Star in GREEN LANTERN

     July 9, 2009


UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Warner Bros. is close to making a decision on who will star in Martin Campbell’s adaptation of DC’s comics “Green Lantern”.  While we noted AICN’s rumor that Justin Timberlake was being screen tested for the role, THR is saying that Timberlake along with Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper are among the producers’ top choices for the role.  Of course, classy publication that they are, THR didn’t note that AICN had the story first about Timberlake’s involvement.  Hit the jump for Steve’s original story. — MG

Harry at AICN just posted an interesting rumor: Justin Timberlake might have just screen tested for “Green Lantern”. Now before you go crazy, it’s just a rumor and he’s not cast yet.

While I think Justin is a great host on “Saturday Night Live”, he didn’t impress me in “Black Snake Moan”, “The Love Guru”, or “Southland Tales”. So he’s not exactly high on my list for Hal Jordan. However, if WB wants to cast him, I’ll give Justin a chance. But I’d be much happier with someone else. With “Green Lantern” set to start filming in the not so distant future, I’m sure an official announcement isn’t too far away.

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