Update on Stephen Norrington’s Reboot of THE CROW

     June 1, 2010

Writer/director Stephen Norrington’s reboot of The Crow is set to begin filming soon, and producer Edward Pressman gave MTV’s Movies Blog some details about the film.  Pressman promised fans that Norrington’s completed screenplay is “terrific” and Avatar’s production designer Rob Stromberg’s illustrations will help make the film very different from the original.  According to Pressman, an offer is out to an unnamed major actor and production is set to begin later this year.

The film’s setting will be different from the original Crow.  Norrington’s screenplay is set in both the Southwest and an urban area, possibly “Detroit or Pittsburgh.”  The change in locations isn’t the only significant difference, as the reboot will focus more on the mythology of the actual crow as a character with a distinct personality.  Pressman said that this will give it a “more active role” in the story, and Norrington’s visual ideas for the reboot are different from what fans are used to.  Pressman continued by saying that casting announcements are forthcoming.  I guess the main question is who would you like to see in the starring role?

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