Updates on Frank Miller’s SIN CITY 2 and HARD BOILED

     October 29, 2009


No matter how much excitement you may have for “Sin City 2”, I can’t imagined it was somewhat diminished by “The Spirit”, a film that had such potential had it only stuck to being bat-shit insane.  However, interest in a sequel to “Sin City” remains high and now the film may finally, after long last, go into production.  For news on that film plus Miller’s planned adaptation of his own comic, “Hard Boiled”, hit the jump.

Speaking with producer Stephen L’Heureux, Comics2Film at Mania.com spoke exclusively learned that “Sin City 2” is set to begin shooting in the second half of 2010.  I’ll believe that when I see it.  More interesting is that “Sin City 2” will be a completely original story.  Back in January, Jaime King, who played Goldie/Wendy in the first film, said she had read the script and that part of the story would be based on existing material mixed with other material.  I guess this just proves you can’t trust a pretty face.*

I find the idea of a completely new “Sin City” story far more exciting than an adaptation.  If it’s a new story, then he can bring back dead characters and tell a story that won’t just be comic panels copied onto celluloid.  My biggest problem with the 2005 film is that it was just an expensive motion comic.  In my book, it is the prime example of why no one should do a 100% faithful adaptation.  There’s just no reason for it to exist if it’s not going to separate itself from its source material.

L’Heureux also said that Miller’s adaptation of “Hard Boiled”, his 1990 comic book about a tax collector who discovers he’s some kind of robot doing the bidding of a shadowy organization, would not happen until after “Sin City 2”.  I think fans are willing to wait considering Miller will probably go solo again on that film while “Sin City 2” will re-team Miller and Robert Rodriguez.

*We kid!  We Heart Jaime King!


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